Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 5, June 2013, Pages 1-180 

Research Article

sokhan(num 5)

Pages 1-1

Optimum government and tax in public sector economics and in Iran

Pages 1-27

yadollah dadgar; rohallah nazari; ebrahim SiamiEraghi

The Impact of Oil Price Volatility on Iran's GDP Growth A Markov Model Analysis

Pages 29-52

seyed kamal sadeghi; mohamad ali motafakkerazad; mohsen PourebadollahanCovich; atabak Shahbazzadehkhiavi

AnalyzingLinkages andLeakagesSectors in Iran

Pages 75-102

esfandiyar jahangard; hamideh neisi

An Assessment of the Output Duration of Investment in Service Sector in Iran

Pages 103-119

nader mehregan; mohamad hassan fotros; ebrahim faraji