An Assessment of the Output Duration of Investment in Service Sector in Iran

Document Type : Research Article



Service sector has dedicated about %57 of GDP to itself in Iran.Even in high income countries this portion is almost %75 GDP (WDI, 2012). So it is expected that in the recent years this proportion of production in service sector would be more than the current one. As lots of investments compared to other sectors are made in service sector, the studying of investments in this sector is of great importance. In this study using Almon's dilatory distribution, we want to determine the output duration of investment in the whole country and also non-oil sector, service sector and its subsections in Iran to provide the investors with good ideas and suggestions and present criterion for the evaluation of the administers of the investments. Based on the results the output duration of investment for service sector is 6 years and the most efficacies occur in the third years. The duration and amount of investment's efficacy in service sector is considerably lower than the investment's efficacy of the wholeeconomy of the country.