Analysis of the barriers for innovation policy-making effectiveness in Iran: an Institutional Approach

Document Type : Research Article



In this paper we have a closer look at the required institutional framework for the effectiveness of science, technology, and innovation policies, in order to underline the incremental transition toward creating or strengthening required institutions. To do this, the conditions of two important criteria; those are, the level of institutional capabilities and S&T capabilities are evaluated. Having defined the position of Iran as a country of fragile institutional capabilities and mediocre S&T capabilities, similar countries' experiences leads us to a general guide for innovation policy-making; that is, improving business Research and Development (R&D) through recombination of S&T capabilities. In this regard, some of the most important institutional barriers are: ignoring the importance of business R&D for economic development, weakness of legal standards, not developed financial systems, lack of suitable business infrastructure, adverse economic circumstances, lack of flexible organization to support different target groups of businesses, and excess regulations. Each of these barriers could be removed using appropriate solutions.