The effects of household characteristics on consumer spending application of pseudo-panel data modeling

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For developing nations, there is a dearth of genuine panel Data where specific individuals are followed over time. However, cross-section surveys are often carried out on a regular basis leading to multidimensional data that constitutes what is called a ‘pseudo-panel.’ Deaton (1985) Suggests that these pseudo-panels can be used to track cohorts, where a cohort is depend as “a group with fixed membership, individuals of which can be identified as they show up in the surveys.Collado (1997) show that dynamic models may also be consistently estimated using pseudo-panel data. In This study this model applied by 11 time periods and 8 cohorts and in the results presented in this paper estimates are presented base on a pseudo-panel data set over time Showed the sensitivity a set of observable household and community characteristics on consumption expenditures dynamics by one cohort and one time period and has created A powerful method for Survey the characteristics of households and Control over time.