The Relationship between Money Demand Function, Performance of Monetary and Financial Policies and Forecasting the Money Demand Function in Iran



Adopting monetary and financial policies in economy of each country and their maximum effects depend on the correct recognition of money demand function in that country. On the other hand, stability recognition and anticipating the money demand also can be effective on controlling the mass of money in order to meet economic objectives and minimizing damages caused by wrong performance of monetary system. In present paper, estimation, function stability and forecasting money demand function in Iran during the period from 1971 through 2009 are investigated using ARDL method. Results indicate that there is a long-run equilibrium relationship among this function's variables; and direct relationship of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and inverse relationship of exchange rate variables and rate of inflation on money demand function are also approved. Also, a stability test was conducted on this function where results suggest that discussed function has long term structural stability and it can be said that reaching long term objectives according to stability of money demand function will be next to possible with a shorter interval by changing the effective variables or applying the appropriate monetary and functional policies.