Valuation of organic dairy products, proteins and factors affecting willingness to pay: A Case Study of milk in the city of Shiraz

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Many studies show that organic products have no side effects of current products. Due to the absence of a specific market for organic products in Iran, this study, using contingent valuation approach and willingness to pay estimate the value of its organic products. In the recent times due to the issue of human health and safety of food products is one of the most discussed issues in human life has become. The study included 300 families in Shiraz and select from the questionnaire to measure willingness to pay of double binary logit model is used. The results showed that the most important factor influencing the increase in demand in product quality and support producers of organic products can contribute to an increase in organic crop production. The results showed that the variables of age, education, weekly consumption of milk and inorganic, income, introduction to organic, organic orientation and whirligig of the importance of the nutritional value of the product and the dependent variable was a significant relationship exists significant interest in the relationship. Average willingness to pay for organic milk production 15 160 rials per kg, respectively.


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