Estimate time series of human capital based on average years of schooling (A case study of Iran, 1978-2013)

Document Type : Research Article


Professor of Economic, University of Tabriz


Today, human capital is a key factor in development of countries and Researchers are trying to use the index to human capital in their econometric models. One of these indicators is average years of schooling. On the other hand, there isn't any Institution or organization for calculation and offer this index in the form of time series. So, we have examined the strengths and weaknesses of the studies within the country and full description of the methods used by Barro and Lee (2010), and we have been applied the necessary changes in a pattern that is consistent with the educational system of Iran. In this study, by collecting statistical data on the educational status of the population over six years of age, the average years of schooling in the years 1978-2013 was calculated for the three groups of the population according to sex. The first group includes population over six years of age are Studying. The second group is population literate over six years of age who are not studying. The third group consists of all population over six years of age. The results show that the average years of schooling for all three groups had significant growth and in recent years, about 8 years is calculated. Results calculated for each of the three groups in the form of time series.


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