The Effects of and Health Expenditure on Economical Growth in Iran s’ Provinces

Document Type : Research Article


azad university branch arak


Proper economical growth and achievement to it always has been one of the fundamental concerns in governments. Recent studies indicate a high impact of health investment, education and health expenditure on economic growth that through enter to growth dependencies can measure its direct and indirect effects on labor productivity. In present study, regarding the importance of human capital and the role of consuming capacity in all provinces has been evaluated the comparison of the effects of education and health expenditure on economic growth in the Province of Iran. The model used in this study was internal growth model by using Panel data technique ,ie, compound Cross-Section with time-series of 1998-2011data of Iranian provinces .Growth Variables of household health expenditure and investment education in household along with health, and civil government investment had a positive effect on economic growth of the country's provinces. But the impact of healthcare costs on the province's economic growth has been higher than the cost of education. Significant coefficients expressed the important role of health in economic growth in provinces that increase the level of charges and provincial health level could improve economic growth in country and provinces.
Classification O40; H52; H51: Jel

Keywords: economic growth, health expenditure, human capital, educational expenditure.