Author = zahra karimitakanloo
Estimation of Fiscal Illusion Index in Iranian Provinces: Approach of Multiple Indicators and Multiple Causes (MIMIC) Model

Volume 11, Issue 43, December 2022, Pages 173-208


Mohammadali Motafakerazad; Nahid Ashuri; zahra Karimi Takanlou; Jafar Haghighat

Study of Relationship between Social Capital and Labor Productivity in Iran

Volume 5, Issue 17, April 2016, Pages 109-129


mohammadali motafakerazad; zahra karimitakanloo; seyed kamal sadeghi; reza ranjpour

The Investigation of Okun's Law and Asymmetry of This Relationship in Iran

Volume 4, Issue 13, March 2015, Pages 209-230

zahra karimi takanloo; mohammad reza salmani bishak; mitra taghizadeh