Main Subjects = Economic
Virtual Water Trade between Iran and CIS

Volume 11, Issue 42, August 2022, Pages 109-134


Saeed Rasekhi; Maedeh Karimi

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Informal Employment in Iran: DSGE Approach

Volume 11, Issue 42, August 2022, Pages 135-169


Soheila Sobhani; Mohammad Hassan Fotros; Gholamali Haji; Esmael Torkamani

Economic-Environmental Analysis of Adoption of Green Tax Policy in Iran with Calculable General Balance Approach

Volume 11, Issue 42, August 2022, Pages 195-218


Shahrokh Shakerin; Seyed Nematollah Mosavi; Abbas Aminifard

The Effect of Public Goods on Residential Mobility: Comparison all Households and High-Income Groups in Tehran, Iran

Volume 11, Issue 42, August 2022, Pages 219-250


Reza Asadi; Atoosa Modiri; Ali Akbar Gholizadeh; Farhad Hosseynali

The Impact of Oil Shocks on Iranian Tax Revenue Using the BVAR Model

Volume 11, Issue 41, March 2022, Pages 129-169


Hamid Sepehrdoost; Sara Mohtashami; Yaghob Fatemi Zardan

The Impact of Business Cycles on Banking System Soundness (With emphasis on Asset Quality)

Volume 10, Issue 38, June 2021, Pages 15-37


Yeganeh Mousavi Jahromi; Bita Shaygani; Peyman Noori Broujerdi; Mona Ashtiani

Investigating Interactions among Health Care Indicators, Income Inequality and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Iran

Volume 10, Issue 38, June 2021, Pages 69-94


Ehsan Hosseinidoust; Hamid Sepehrdoost; Akbar Khodabakhshi; Sharareh Massahi

The Effects of Countercyclical Capital Rules on Banking Stability and Macroeconomic Dynamics in Iran

Volume 9, Issue 36, January 2021, Pages 1-33


Hamideh Yazdanpanah; Karim Eslamloueyan; Ebrahim Hadian; Rouhollah Shahnazi