Main Subjects = Economic
Optimization of Modern Electricity Supply Chain with NSGA-II

Volume 12, Issue 46, August 2023, Pages 63-90


Seyed Mohammad Seyed Hoseini; Amir Mohammadzadeh; Mohsen Seighali; Farzin Rezaei

Analyzing the Effects of Financial Decentralization on Social Capital in Iran Provinces

Volume 12, Issue 46, August 2023, Pages 139-165


Azad Khanzadi; Nasrin Karimi; Sohrab Delangizan

Investigating the Impact of Operational Risk on Economic Growth in Iran

Volume 12, Issue 46, August 2023, Pages 167-206


Ramin Amani; Khaled Ahmadzadeh; Fateh Habibi

Investigating the Impact of Behavioral Factors on the Iranian Housing Price

Volume 12, Issue 46, August 2023, Pages 241-274


Shahla Samadipour; Aliakbar Gholizadeh; Hamid Sepehrdoust

Estimating the Amount of Compensatory Payment as a Result of Changes in Energy Prices in the Field of Urban Drinking Water Consumers

Volume 12, Issue 45, April 2023, Pages 203-221


Seyedeh Samaneh Abbasmiri; Seied Abolghasem Mortazavi; ;Mohammad Hassan Vakilpoor; ;Hamed Najafi Alamdarlo

Application of Melitz Model in Investigating the Role of Productivity of Cement Manufacturing Firms in Cement Exports

Volume 12, Issue 45, April 2023, Pages 259-293


Atefeh Ahmadi; Ahmad Salahmanesh; Hasan Farazmand; Ebrahim Anvari

Rational Expectation House Price Bubbles in Iran

Volume 11, Issue 44, March 2023, Pages 103-121


Somayeh Parsa; Nazar Dahmardeh; Marziyeh Esfandiari

Modeling Measuring the Effects of Microcredit on Social Welfare in Rural Areas (A Case Study of Barkat Foundation's Job Creation Projects)

Volume 11, Issue 43, December 2022, Pages 71-98


Abolfazl Ghafaari; Alireza Pourfaraj; Mohammad Taghi Gilak Hakimabadi; Alireza Karimi

Estimation of Fiscal Illusion Index in Iranian Provinces: Approach of Multiple Indicators and Multiple Causes (MIMIC) Model

Volume 11, Issue 43, December 2022, Pages 173-208


Mohammadali Motafakerazad; Nahid Ashuri; zahra Karimi Takanlou; Jafar Haghighat

Assessing the Socio-Economic Consequences of Corona in Iran, from the Behavioral Economics Perspective

Volume 11, Issue 43, December 2022, Pages 209-236


zahra Mehranfard; Amirhossein Mozayani; Abbas Assari Arani; Lotfali Agheli

An Estimation of the Tax Evasion by Tanzi Method and Analysis the Effect of Fiscal Instruments

Volume 11, Issue 42, August 2022, Pages 83-108


Shahryar Zaroki; Arman Yousefi barfurushi; Ali Tavassoly Nia; Morvarid Hadidi