Author = ali akbar gholizadeh
Investigating the Impact of Behavioral Factors on the Iranian Housing Price

Volume 12, Issue 46, August 2023, Pages 241-274


Shahla Samadipour; Aliakbar Gholizadeh; Hamid Sepehrdoust

The Effect of Public Goods on Residential Mobility: Comparison all Households and High-Income Groups in Tehran, Iran

Volume 11, Issue 42, August 2022, Pages 219-250


Reza Asadi; Atoosa Modiri; Ali Akbar Gholizadeh; Farhad Hosseynali

land leverage and housing price volatility in Iran

Volume 4, Issue 14, August 2015, Pages 49-67

ali akbar gholizadeh; bahareh aghighi


Volume 1, Issue 3, November 2012, Pages 159-179

ali akbar golizadeh; samera bakhteari poor