Author = Nader Mehregan
Oil Shock, Monetary Policy and Collateral Effect in Iranian Economy

Volume 10, Issue 37, April 2021, Pages 27-51


Ali Tahvili; Bahram Sahabi; Kazem Yavari; Nader Mehregan

Qu & Perron Methodology Application in Recognition of the Iranian Economy Oil Shocks

Volume 4, Issue 15, November 2015, Pages 81-105

abolghasem esna ashari; kamran nadri; asghar abolhasani; nader mehreghan; mohammad reza babaee semiromi

An Investigation into Iran endogeneity of Money Supply

Volume 3, Issue 12, February 2015, Pages 237-259

jahangir biyabani; asghar abolhasani; nader mehrghan; darioush hassanvand

Oil Price Volatility and Sustainable Economic Growth: a Case Study of Iran and Japan

Volume 3, Issue 10, September 2014, Pages 107-125

nader mehrghan; uoones salmani

An Assessment of the Output Duration of Investment in Service Sector in Iran

Volume 2, Issue 5, June 2013, Pages 103-119

nader mehregan; mohamad hassan fotros; ebrahim faraji